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The rental application process

The process:


At first you will come across an advertisement of a property during your quest for the dream home. Most likely you would make contact with the agent/landlord and request a viewing of the property.

You will agree on a time and date to go view the property.

If after the viewing you are still interested in renting the property the following process will be followed:

1. You will have to complete a rental application form. Consent to enable the agent/landlord to perform a credit check and do some reference checks. With the application you will have to provide:

a) A copy of your ID document/passport

b) Latest 3 months bank statements

c) Latest 3 months payslips

2. Then the agent/landlord will perform a credit check and evaluate your overall application.

3. The agent/landlord will then get in contact with you and let you know if your application has been successful. If you don’t hear anything back within 3 days, chances are good that you were unsuccessful, but it might still be a good idea to just follow up and if unsuccessful to ask for some clarity on why you were unsuccessful.

4. At this point the agent/landlord will forward you the lease agreement which you will have to complete. See how here.

5. After you have completed the lease agreement you will have to pay the deposit, admin fee and 1st months rent. In most cases the agent/landlord will allow you to secure the unit by paying only the deposit and admin fee now (say for instance on the 5th of month) and the 1st month’s rent just before you move in (say on the 25th of the month). All amounts due will have to be paid before you will receive keys or be allowed to occupy.

6. Before you move in the agent/landlord will accompany you to perform a entry inspection that will be documented.