Property Management

Rental Services

Ain’t Nobody got time for that!!

Being a passionate property investor myself, I take a hands-on approach to property management. That means you will have the benefit of me looking after your investment, as if it is my own. I take care of all the time consuming details whilst helping you avoid those nasty pit falls.

My management services include:

Everything you need from A – Z

• Advertising the property
• Sourcing of tenants
• Proper screening of potential tenants with credit, affordability and reference checks
• Pre occupation inspections
• Exit inspections
• Monthly rental collection and reminders to the tenant via e-mail and sms
• Payment of Levies, Rates and Taxes or any other payment as per your instruction
• Sourcing of quotes if your property is in need of repairs or maintenance and liaising between the landlord, tenant and the contractor
• Timely payment of the balance your funds on the 7th of each month accompanied with a proper reconciliation of what was collected and paid on your behalf
• Attending AGM meetings as your proxy and serving as trustee on the body corporate
• Open and transparent practices

But then again this is just a website. Lets meet, have some coffee and then you can decide for yourself. References of existing clients will gladly be made available on request. Click here to get in contact with me. —> Contact details.